How to Watch “CODA” Without Apple TV+

“CODA,” an acronym for “Child of Deaf Adults,” is a heartwarming and critically acclaimed film that tells the story of Ruby Rossi, a hearing teenager who serves as the interpreter for her deaf family’s fishing business while pursuing her passion for singing. The movie has garnered widespread praise for its authentic portrayal of deaf culture and the complexities of familial relationships. However, since its release, “CODA” has been exclusively available on Apple TV+, leaving many potential viewers without access to this remarkable cinematic experience.

What is “CODA”?

CODA” is a coming-of-age drama that follows Ruby Rossi as she navigates the challenges of balancing her family responsibilities with her dreams of pursuing a music career. Set in a small fishing town in Massachusetts, the film explores themes of identity, communication, and the pursuit of independence. Directed by Sian Heder, “CODA” has received numerous accolades, including the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Sun-dance Film Festival.

Why Watch “CODA”?

Beyond its critical acclaim and award recognition, “CODA” offers audiences a poignant and heartfelt story that resonates on multiple levels. The movie not only highlights the struggles and triumphs of a deaf family but also celebrates the power of music as a universal language. By watching “CODA,” viewers gain insight into the deaf experience and the importance of inclusivity and understanding.

Challenges of Exclusive Streaming Platforms

While Apple TV+ has provided a platform for “CODA” to reach a global audience, its exclusive availability presents challenges for viewers who do not have a subscription. The cost of maintaining multiple streaming subscriptions can quickly add up, making it inaccessible for some individuals or families. Additionally, geographical restrictions may limit access to Apple TV+ in certain regions.

Alternative Ways to Watch “CODA”

Fortunately, there are alternative methods to watch “CODA” for those who do not have access to Apple TV+ or prefer different viewing options. One option is to watch the film in select theatres where it may be screened. Alternatively, “CODA” is available for rental or purchase online, allowing viewers to stream it on their preferred device.

Renting or Purchasing “CODA” Online

Several online platforms offer rental or purchase options for “CODA,” allowing viewers to choose how to watch the film. Prices may vary across platforms, so comparing options and considering factors such as rental duration and video quality is essential before deciding.

Utilizing Free Trial Subscriptions

Another strategy for watching “CODA” without Apple TV+ is to take advantage of free trial offers from streaming services that carry the film. Many platforms offer trial periods ranging from a few days to several weeks, allowing viewers to stream “CODA” at no cost. However, it’s important to remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid being charged.

Sharing Subscriptions with Friends or Family

Sharing subscription costs with friends or family members who already have access to streaming platforms is another way to watch “CODA” without paying for a separate subscription. By pooling resources and sharing login credentials, viewers can enjoy access to a wide range of content, including “CODA,” at a fraction of the cost.

Community Screenings and Events

Participating in community screenings or events featuring “CODA” provides an opportunity to watch the film while engaging with others who share an interest in deaf culture and representation in media. These events may be organized by local theatres, community centres, or advocacy groups, offering a communal viewing experience that fosters discussion and connection.

Supporting Independent Cinemas

Lastly, supporting independent cinemas that screen “CODA” provides an alternative way to watch the film and contributes to the vitality of local film communities. By attending screenings at independent theatres, viewers can help sustain these valuable cultural institutions and ensure diverse voices continue to be represented on the big screen.


In conclusion, while “CODA” may be exclusively available on Apple TV+, numerous alternative methods exist for watching this acclaimed film. Whether renting or purchasing online, utilizing free trials, sharing subscriptions, attending community events, or supporting independent cinemas, viewers can experience the powerful storytelling and representation offered by “CODA.”


  • Can I watch “CODA” on any streaming platform other than Apple TV+?
    • Yes, “CODA” is available for rental or purchase on various online platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, and YouTube Movies.
  • How much does it cost to rent or purchase “CODA” online?
    • Rental and purchase prices for “CODA” may vary across platforms. It’s recommended to compare prices before making a decision.
  • Are there any free trial offers for streaming platforms carrying “CODA”?
    • Many streaming services offer free trial periods during which you can stream “CODA” at no cost. Be sure to cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged.
  • Can I watch “CODA” in theatres if I don’t have access to streaming platforms?
    • Yes, “CODA” may be screened in select theatres, allowing watching it on the big screen.
  • How can I find community screenings or events featuring “CODA” in my area?
    • Check with local theatres, community centres, or deaf advocacy groups for information on upcoming screenings and events.

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